Friday, November 26, 2010


From my Facebook:
Dear Derek Jeter,
Umm, you saw what LeBron did last year, right? How's that working for his legacy? Time to be a team player and make less than 10 million a year for a change.
If Derek Jeter's not careful, he could make the Yankees look like the good guy.
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    • Caleb Nienow They reportedly offered a 36 year old shortstop $15 mil/year. I think they are being as loyal as they should be even if they essentially have infinity money.
      Wednesday at 9:46am ·
    • Ben Leslie
      Yeah, it's completely redonk. For a guy as careful and measured as Jete, this is ludicrous. He basically could have cemented his HOF career by making a big public statement of how he's had a great time and made lots of money, and he'll play... for a million dollars a year (i.e., free) for five years or something like that- he gets the years he wants and the media'd love him. Does he really need the money? He got in trouble a couple years ago, cause he lists his primary residence as FL, so he barely even pays any taxes! By demanding the cash, the only thing i can see is that by demanding a lot he's saying, if you're not gonna have me be your starting SS, then I'm done. Which I can respect. But couldn't he just have a creative contract that says I'll play for beans but if I don't start, I can opt out?
      I agree, they are being way more loyal than they should, just cause he's jeter. Look what they did to Matsui, 3 months after he single-handedly won them 2 games in a WS? Then yankees have it all wrong- instead of buying HR hitters, they need to just buy the entire management organization, top to bottom, of some poor-ass team like the Giants. People that actually have to make intelligent decisions and can scout. Oh, and some pitchers, duh. Cashman is a turd.
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    • Caleb Nienow Um, no we disagree here. Sabean is an absolute idiot that lucked into a fantastic pitching staff. Their lower tier scouts and management may be good but the Giants front office is terrible. Their highest paid player this past year? Barry Zito. Nuff said.
      Wednesday at 10:15am ·
    • Ben Leslie Yeah, I guess what we really mean is the Rays. JFC, 72 million, 35% of the yankees. in 2008 it was something like 43. Zito's locked into a million-year deal. Pitchers are like RBs in football, the Ace in the league has a good track record of becoming a turd the next year (ZITO!) but at least in the NFL owners are smart enough to collude and not give RBs 10-year deals for crazy money. Marion barber signed a 7 (?)-year deal, but for only like 16 mil guaranteed.
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    • Caleb Nienow
      I've heard arguments against the Rays too. The claim is that they were terrible and are riding a string of good, high draft picks and will suck after they start leaving. I think this is bogus because the baseball draft can be such a crap sh...oot and a string of good draft picks is partially luck and partially good management. It's more impressive to have a steady string of young players than an indication of past failures. Agreed about pitchers and RBs with the caveat that good scouting and analysis should prevent situations like Zito from happening which most teams had scouted out and weren't going to pay him. Regardless the gold standard for farm systems is still the Braves, who haven't been outside the top ten in overall rankings by most analysts in many years.See More
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