Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Questions and Concerns

We are roughly a fifth of the way into the season and a few questions/concerns have arisen. I will pose them here knowing that really only one person will read them.

- Is there anyway to revisit arbitration hearings? I'm just asking because Corey Hart has an OPS+ of 7 right now.
- Does anybody want me to send an "I told you so" postcard to them for saying the Randy Wolf signing was a good one a year ago?
- Is Yovani's problem that I'm not writing enough about him? I'm still writing sonnets to him I just haven't been posting them.
- Is it possible that Latroy Hawkins offered up Corey Hart and Casey McGehee's power in some bizarre ritual to transform himself into early 2000s Latroy Hawkins? Because awesome.
- What the hell John Axford?

- Is this the Jose Bautista that exists now? Because 2005 Latroy Hawkins laughed when I said that he should probably pitch around Jose Bautista.
- Can you name someone who plays for the Kansas City Royals? Let me rephrase: can you name someone who plays for the second place Kansas City Royals?
- They are second to the Indians, who have the second best record in baseball.
- The best record in baseball belongs to the Phillies. Duh.
- In terms of OPS Albert Pujols is the fifth best hitter on the Cardinals right now. That's wrong right?
- The Chicago Cubs have one regular starter with a slugging percentage over .500: Alfonso Soriano. The next highest? Darwin Barney at .412. My questions is this: how do you manage to have a better record than the Brewers?