Thursday, May 21, 2009

Peavy for some magic beans.

If the White Sox land Peavy I'll be interested to see what the Padres get. Reports indicate prospects but the White Sox have two to four impact prospects in their system at most. The past four years has seen the Sox trade away nearly all their young talent for various players (Thome, Vasquez, Swisher, etc.). Their farm system has done a good job of rebuilding but how often can you trade away your young talent and stay competitive? When the White Sox enter rebuilding mode it will be a long process unless they can squeeze away talent from other teams for aging veterans, because they have plenty of those.


  1. Peavy rejected the trade, probably because he knows that Ozzie Guillen will make him throw 290 innings and absolutely destroy his arm.

  2. And the White Sox will only score 3.95 runs/game for him. He will end up being a deadline deal. He will wait to see who's contending. This just set a market value.