Monday, October 5, 2009

More Awesome

Hell yeah one game playoff. It's outstanding because it is impossible to predict and the most condensed form of sport there is, in the sense that no other sport plays 162 games and now the season comes down to just one game for both teams.


  1. Holy crap what a game. That last single might not be a base hit in any other stadium.

  2. I was so happy when that single got through, not because I particularly love the Twins or hate the Tigers (I actually rather like both franchises), but because the playoff berth should lock the AL MVP award away for Mauer.

    Voters have found lots of interesting ways to NOT give Joe the MVP support he deserves in recent years (Morneau should not have finished ahead of him last year--that was a travesty), so I'm glad there will be no "but where are they in October?" questions in the MVP columns this fall.

    And as Edward put it this afternoon, "That was one of the best games of baseball I've ever seen."