Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's always the Central, isn't it?

So we have an all Central NLCS. Neat for us, as we care about the NL Central here at NL Central Stage. You know our motto: "If it's not NL Central, then it's pretty much the minors."
A deranged fan asked me if the NL has more intradivision LCS (LCSs?) than any other division. I was doing other research anyway so I looked into it. Get ready for some numbers.
From 1995-2011 there have been 34 LCS and 11 intradivision matchups. Of those the numbers for each division were:
AL East: 5
AL Central: 0
AL West: 0
NL East: 2
NL Central: 3
NL West: 1
So yeah it's the AL East, buoyed by 3 different NY vs. Boston series. I suppose it's not that much of a surprise. Still, I'm happy to see the NL Central a not entirely distant second. Also we are much less hateable so I'm happy in my polite Midwestern fandom.

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