Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy FJM Day

The Gang from FJM is getting back together for a day of guest editing over at Deadspin. We here of course adore FJM and are happy to see them back in any form at all. Go read and understand what bad sports journalism looks like when it is being mocked by sarcastic know-it-alls.

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  1. Sonofabitch why don't these guys write anymore. This stuff is outstanding.

    "The Red Sox set a land speed record for freefall, plummeting from 5 games in first to 7 1/2 games out of first in a crisp 45 games."

    For the record, the actual land speed record for freefall is held by Air Force pilot (and occasional daredevil) James Bander Jr. (1956-1999), who reached a land speed of 288 mp/h on the Bonneville Salt Flats while somehow simultaneously freefalling from a skydive jump at a terminal velocity of 212 m/s. He also had four buttholes and never existed.