Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wait 'til next year

Yeah, things are pretty quiet for us in Chicago about now. My Brewers failed to make the type of move that got them in the playoffs last year and aren't going anywhere.

We still cheer of course but until the end of the season when we can do awards and stuff we are mostly just waiting out the year.

I did want to mention one thing: Jim Thome left Chicago for the Dodgers and I am very sad to see him go as he is one of my true favorites in the league. I wanted to quote Jon Bois to illustrate how great a guy Thome is: "Perhaps the most telling acid test: think back to all the insults you’ve heard from Cubs fans. They hate Ozzie Guillen, they hate Gordon Beckham, they hate Jermaine Dye. But I have never, ever heard a Cubs fan speak ill of Jim Thome. It’s almost like speaking ill of Buck O’Neil. It doesn’t make any sense."

1 comment:

  1. Madness. This Cubs fan loves Gordon Beckham.

    But yes, Thome is a hell of a player and (from what I've been able to gather as an outsider) a hell of a guy.