Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Albert Pujols is Good at Baseball

Just to put Pujols' lightning-fast start into perspective, he is currently on pace to score 162 runs, drive in 203, and collect 194 H, 32 2B, 57 HR, 397 TB, and 130 BB against only 49 SO. Hell, he's even stolen 3 bases in the last week and is on pace for 24 assuming he doesn't remember that he's Albert Pujols.

But the craziest thing about Pujols' start is that it's not even all that crazy. Sure, there's no way he'll keep scoring/driving in runs at his current rate, and Albert has never hit 50 HRs in a season (which, importantly, is not the same thing as saying that he is incapable of hitting 50+), but Pujols' .333/.457/.681 line is very similar to his monstrous 2008 numbers (.357/.462/.653).

At this point, if I were a responsible statgeek, I'd start delving into historical BABIP, GB/LD/FB rates, and such. But I'm not a responsible statgeek. I'm a statgeek who figured out that Pujols' season numbers to date, when multiplied by 8.1 (to "project" those numbers out to 162 games), are hilarious.

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  1. Hilariously, we're an additional week into the season and Pujols continues his charge. Assuming he reels back into the pack a bit (a large assumption), he looks to post similar numbers to his 2005 campaign. That was his first 'official' MVP year, and he had 16 SBs to 2 CS.