Friday, April 3, 2009

R.J. Swindled

One of the more intriguing moves in the NL Central this offseason was the Brewers' signing of LOOGY-waiting-to-happen R.J. Swindle. Not only has Swindle absolutely dominated in the high minors (15.53 K/9, 1.41 BB/9 in his first three years of minor league work), but he throws a 55mph (!) curve that breaks down and away from lefties. Dude. Throws. An. Eephus.

Both Caleb and I love the eephus (and the knuckleball, for that matter). Needless to say, when the Brewers signed Swindle, we were both excited; Caleb because his team had landed a reliever with an eephus-in-everything-but-name and ridiculous minor league splits, and me because I'd get to watch Swindle pitch often in 2009 (although I knew I'd probably be reduced to tears the first time that sweeping, 50's curve came at Kosuke Fukudome).

And yet, despite his Spring Training success (4 G, 7 IP, 1 ER, 1.80 ERA, .167 BAA), and despite the fact that the Brewers' big-ticket reliever, Trevor Hoffman, will begin the season on the DL, and despite the fact that the Brew Crew's bullpen has only one lefty (Mitch Stetter), R.J. Swindle will begin the 2009 season in AAA.

I'll tell you what, Milwaukee: how about you ship Swindle south to Chicago?

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  1. "I'll tell you what, Milwaukee: how about you ship Swindle south to Chicago?"

    Amen. Really sort of concerned about 5-7 in the Cubs bullpen right now and having a 2nd lefty to take some pressure off of Cotts could never be a bad thing.